Introducing the Austin Lounge Lizards' still-new album, Home and Deranged!

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So ... Who are the Austin Lounge Lizards, anyway?

The Austin Lounge Lizards are arguably the perfect pairing of their hometown’s moniker, “Music Capital of the World,” and its motto: “Keep Austin Weird.”

For 33 years, the Lizards have been spoofing the topics American families try to avoid at the Thanksgiving table; subjects like politics, religion, romance, the music industry, and their crazy/stupid relatives. With pointed lyrics, precise harmonies and instrumental expertise, the band has become legendary for its satirical skewering through song.

The Lizards' style features musical eclecticism, instrumental mastery & four-part harmony with:

 • Hank Card on rhythm guitar 

  Darcie Deaville on fiddle and mandolin 

 • Conrad Deisler on guitar and mandolin

 Bruce Jones on bass

The Austin Lounge Lizards are five-time winners at the prestigious Austin Music Awards. Their version of Irving Berlin’s “C-U-B-A” was used in the Michael Moore film Sicko. The band has been featured on NPR’s Morning Edition and on the radio programs Mountain Stage, E-Town, and KPIG-FM's Please Stand By.


tooBig/still/digital artPhoto by Steve Mims


The Austin Lounge Lizards:

How do we get to be "Too Big to Fail"? 

featuring Conrad Deisler, Julieann Banks, Hank Card, Darcie Deaville & Tom Pittman