Welcome our new bass player - Bruce Jones!!


As of January 2010, Bruce Jones replaced Julieann Banks playing the bass and singing.  

"How did I get here? I feel like I just won the lottery. I'm still trying to figure out how I wound up being drafted to play bass with the fabulous, famous and fearless Austin Lounge Lizards, a band I've been in awe of since the first time I heard "Old Blevins" rolling out of the speakers of my 1969 VW bug.  I mean, this band is the Rolling Stones of the satirical bluegrass music world! How many bands ever make it to their THIRTIETH anniversary with a majority of their original members still on board? And when you listen to their entire catalogue it's incredible to realize that this band has provided a consistently gut-busting funny commentary on just about everything that's happened in America since Jimmy Carter was president! If anybody over at UT with a quintuple major in music, sociology, psychology, history and political science needs a topic for a doctoral thesis, this band is it!" 

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