‘TOO BIG TO FAIL’ POKES FUN AT SKY BOXES, CONGRESSIONAL PORK,  A HOUSE IN THE HAMPTONS & OTHER CORPORATE EXCESS Austin Lounge Lizards’ Latest Single Backed by New Video Folk-rock-bluegrass-country quintet Austin Lounge Lizards (www.austinlizards.com), known for its snarky, satirical lyrics that spotlight and perforate and its awesome instrumental prowess, will release on June 23 a video single, “Too Big to Fail,” that takes on excesses of the new Gilded Age. The video was produced and directed by award-winning filmmaker Steven Mims (www.stevenmimsfilms.com), who was also responsible for capturing for posterity in 2000 the Lizards’ 20th anniversary celebratory DVD, LIZARDS TIMES TWENTY. “Too Big to Fail,” by Lindsey Eck, is from an album being worked on by the Lizards, whose all-boy band has been joined by two equally witty women. The group’s version of Irving Berlin’s “(I’ll See You in) C-U-B-A,” the Prohibition-era up-tempo tribute to the luxuries of the island nation from its 1991 live album, LIZARD VISION, was featured in Michael Moore’s 2007 “Sicko,” as a flotilla of ailing 9-11 workers seeks medical treatment in Cuba.  ###   ” - Watch "Too Big To Fail" now


  AUSTIN LOUNGE LIZARDS and The Media    “Austin Lounge Lizards are one of those bands that never cease to amaze … high standard of playing is not unusual … [From STRANGE NOISES IN THE DARK] ‘Tastes Like Chicken,’ which is about eating anything across the globe and having it taste like, yes, chicken, features awesome mandolin and banjo work. … It’s like Zappa meeting bluegrass heaven. Very odd and very cool.”   — Vintage Guitar    “America’s pre-eminent country weirdos” — The Boston Globe   “... hilarious, endearing and literary ...” — Billboard   “Blending red-hot bluegrass and country licks that eviscerate, embarrass, embellish and otherwise poke fun at the parody-worthy people and places in this vale of tears, the quintet has established itself as the collective standard of musical satire (sorry, Weird Al Yankovic, but the torch has been passed, Bubba).”            — Austin American-Statesman   “[NEVER AN ADULT MOMENT] is as chock full of nutty but toe-tapping comedy nuggets as any of their earlier records. ... The Lizards are ingenious satirists with a weakness for a down-home melody.”                                — Santa Cruz Sentinel   “… Country/bluegrass legends Flatt & Scruggs are locked in a room with a palette of beer and several Frank Zappa albums. The outcome? The Austin Lounge Lizards.     — The Austin Chronicle   “The Austin Lounge Lizards are a musical subgenre unto themselves, defying logistics, time and passing musical trends.”          — Good Life                                                         “… Now if Bob Wills had known Spike Jones or Tom Lehrer, we might have had the Austin Lounge Lizards a generation ago.”       — Folknik             # # # ”
The music of the Austin Lounge Lizards is played on bluegrass and Americana-themed radio shows as well as some of the more "in the know" independent radio stations. The band has appeared at festivals and in concert across the U.S., in Canada, and in the U.K. They have been featured in NPR's Morning Edition, and on the radio programs Mountain Stage and E-Town. "The Drugs I Need" is the Lizards' 10th CD and their second on the Houston-based Blue Corn label. Here's a delightful little blurb from "Relish Now" a music and culture publication from North Carolina: LIZARD TALES: The Austin Lounge Lizards have been making music for 25 years, earning a reputation for slaughtering sacred cows. The band - a showroom of tropical shirts - has released nine albums, all dedicated to satirically skewering politics, love, religion and whatever passes for culture. And from the Austin American Statesman: These Lizards do More Than Lounge Around Austin The Austin Lounge Lizards might have a local flavor and name, but the group has performed in venues across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Their style is based on both satire and folk as they mix famous Texas country sounds with biting lyrics. The Austin Lounge Lizards cleverly bring out the humor in subjects ranging from politics to religion to love, an ability made clear on their most recent release,  "The Drugs I need.”


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