Strange Noises in the Dark

We broke up long ago, but time is not passing for me
You live in Apartment 3A; I exist in Apartment 3B
Whiskey helps me get through I guess I've had quite a few
And now I'm awakening to 
Strange noises in the dark 
Oh, no, my ears don't deceive
your bed springs are singing their song
Oh, no, I must not believe that's your voice I hear screaming along
I am glued to my spot In this cruel trap I am caught
You're really making a lot of
Strange noises in the dark
Moaning . . . and synchronized groaning
Was it he who kept phoning while I was begging you to stay?
Shocking, my whole world is rocking
That's why I am knocking on your front door to say
Darling, please let me in; I admit I was partly to blame
I won't be a screw-up again; at least, won't you tell me his name
I won't throw a fit I just want to talk for a bit
Could you and your friend maybe quit those
Strange noises in the dark
Shrieking . . . and still that rhythmic creaking
Sounds like you are peaking in ways I've never heard before
Crying . . . and piteous sighing
New ways I am trying to get inside your door
Now in this place I must stay; the nice policeman,
He gave me a choice
He could lead me away,
or leave me to live with the sound of your voice
So I lie in this cell In my orange jump-suited hell
But here they haunt me as well
Strange noises in the dark
Strange noises in the dark
Strange noises in the dark

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